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You should check out...

Our YouTube!

We have been uploading weekly timelapses of what has been going on and more videos are on their way!

Our New Instagram!

Our Shutterfly!

Our Shutterfly is open to everyone to see the fantastic pictures we've accumulated over the years of the ERRORs' existence.

Events of Interest

2016 WidePhoto Alliance.jpg

We are competing in: 

1. Northern Lights Regional in Duluth, MN
March 3rd and 4th
2. Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee, WI
March 24th and 25th
3. Minnesota North Lights Regional in Minneapolis, MN
April 7th and 8th
Click HERE for more about the competitions


What is FIRST?

FIRST encourages Volunteers with both technical and non-technical expertise, and there’s NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

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