BUILD: The robot is built by Sub-Teams, and those Sub-Teams are split into Sub-Sub-Teams... you get the idea

CONTROLS: Just imagine, perfect cord organization and controlling your robot with video game controllers

SOFTWARE: To be honest, everyone in software is a wizard. I don't know what magic they store

CAD: In the computer lab you hear consistent yelling about where folders are and why some thing are in inches and some in millimeters

IMAGERY: *picture shutter* *picture shutter* *picture shutter*

WEBSITE: We also run the social medias and YouTube. Don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe down below

AWARDS: *type type type* *backspace* *type type type*

SPONSORSHIP: Powering the team with Good Relationships

SAFETY: How long can you keep your OWN safety glasses?

COMPETITIONS: We only scout FRC teams, our pit crew should be sponsored by Frosted Flakes, and Drive Team?