Who are we?

We are the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology) Robotics Team 3130 for East Ridge High School in Woodbury, MN. Our nickname is "The Errors" or the East Ridge Robotics Ominous Raptors. Our team was formed in 2009, following the opening of our brand new high school.

What do we do?

Every year, FIRST releases a new "game" to be played at regional and national events all over the country. Our objective is to build, program, and drive a robot that can compete in this game. Along with building our robot, our team has to advertise to other teams that may be scouting for alliance members, market to companies for sponsorship and donations, help out other teams in an effort to learn skills like gracious professionalism, and work on projects during the off season to support FIRST and our team.