Team Captains

Kate S.

Team Captain/Sponsorship Lead
Kate is a senior on the team and is the Captain and Sponsorship lead. She is a member of the Build and Outreach sub teams. She was a 2017 Dean's List Finalist.

Iaong L.

Team Co-Captain/Recruitment Lead
Iaong is a Junior on the East Ridge Robotics team. She is the lead of the Recruitment sub team and the sub team reaches out to any interested students, so that they can join the team. But besides building a robot, going to Outreach events, recruiting students, or anything Robotics related, she is in Band, a youth leader, a Link Crew leader, and an FTC mentor at Lake Middle school. All these elements made her who she is today, so in the future she hopes that everyone who joins the Robotics team will find who they are just as she did.
Sub-Team Captains

Ashley H. 

Software Lead/Awards Lead
Ashley is a senior who loves drawing, anime, dogs, exercise, and, of course, robotics. With a passion for computer science, she plans to study it in college and eventually go on to a career in artificial intelligence. She also enjoys writing, seen by her involvement with the awards team.

Kyle S.

Build Lead
Kyle likes to build robots, and that's pretty much it.


Anna S.

Scouting Lead/Outreach Planning Lead
Anna is the scouting and outreach planning lead.  She is also the teams main welder and has a lot of fun on the build team. Along with robotics she plays soccer and is a part of the cross country and debate teams.


Ryan J.

Controls Lead
Ryan J. is the lead of the Controls Subteam. He is in charge of wiring the robot and making sure the pneumatics work properly. He also is part of the Build Subteam, and works alongside the Software Subteam. Outside of robotics, Ryan likes to play soccer, and eat excessive amounts of food. During the build season though, Ryan has no life outside of robotics. This is his third year on the team and first year as Controls Lead.


Max S.

CAD Lead/Safety Captain
Robotics is a great sport for the mind and an amazing learning experience. On her first year on the team she learned how to manage her time, prioritize tasks, work in groups, take responsibility and initiative, be accountable, and balance school, sports, homework, sleep, and bots. She is involved in two sports outside of robotics, swimming and fencing. You can almost always find her at the shop but in the little free time she has she also write novels, mentor an FTC team, and attempts a social life. Now in her second season of robotics she is the CAD lead and the Safety Captain for the team. 


Casey E.

Media Lead/Imagery Lead
Casey E. is the lead of the Media and Imagery Subteams. He is in charge of producing quality videos and photos for the teams various social media sites, while also managing the team website and keeping it (mostly) up-to-date with the latest and greatest ERRORS news. He enojys being called "Media-Man", watching soccer, singing with the ERHS Choir, and jamming out to sick tunes in the shop. He aspires to be part of the production team for a winning Chariman's Video. 

Eastan G.

System Intergration and Design Lead
Eastan G., a sophomore, is the lead of System Integration and Design subteam. His strengths are problem solving, programming, and controls. He wants to be the 2017-18 driver and is an aspiring vision tracking guru. He enjoys tennis, debate, and video games (he wishes he had more time to play Elite:Dangerous).

George F.

Spirit Team Lead
George Floyd is the Mascot and Spirit Team lead! He is in 10th grade and enjoys cross country, playing the guitar, marching band, and playing video games. This year he would like to implement the idea of having more than one mascot. He would also like to have an official dance, cheer, and would really like to make up some cool cheers for the team, maybe even form a cheer-leading squad?