Drive TrainWe believe this years game Aerial Assist will favor speed and power over maneuverability; therefore we will be implementing a 6 wheel drop center - driven by (2) two-speed gearboxes each powered by (2) CIMS.

Ball LauncherWe have had a great success using a catapult design employing tension springs to consistently fling the Exercise Ball with excellent linear acceleration into the 10 point Goal!

Ball IntakeWe want to quickly acquire our ball; and to accomplish that goal H.U.R.L. uses a powered rotating "brush" extended in front of robot perimeter to "sweep" the Exercise Ball into our Launcher. It can also be used in reverse to pass the Exercise Ball to an Alliance Robot

AutonomousWe are looking forward to H.U.R.L. lighting up the scoreboard with Autonomous Goals and Zone Points.

Ball CatcherBy design, or in this case a little luck, H.U.R.L. is able to readily catch an Exercise Ball thrown by either a Human Player or Alliance Robot.