Drive TrainIn FIRST Stronghold there are a multitude of defenses which we wanted our robot to be able to cross. In order to do this and not get stuck over the defenses we use an eight-wheel drop. We have four wheels on each side with the the two on the outside raised slightly, this allows us to get over seven of the nine defenses without aid.

ClimbingOur robot can climb the tower at the end of the match. We extend hooks up to latch onto the bar using measuring tapes. Once hooked, the robot can winch itself up using ropes attached to the hooks.


The intake is a simple beater bar which spins a ball over the bumpers and onto our shooter. We can also use our intake to raise and cross the portcullis defense.

Our shooter is a catapult. It's spring loaded and is stopped by a rope, which we can adjust the length of, in order to adjust the shooting angle. We use vision tracking on the front of the bot to find the reflective tape surrounding the goals. This allows for the robot to auto-aim without the aid of the drivers. At our practice field our drive team was able to make most of their shots!

AutonomousDuring the 15-second autonomous period at the beginning of each match our robot can cross a defense with a ball and shoot into the high-goal using auto-aiming.