ClimbingOur climber grabs onto a rope with a metal comb feature to snag a knot in the rope, and climbs to the top within 5 seconds.


Gear GrabberOur Gear Grabber picks up gears from the ground. A rolling beater bar with a gripping material grabs a hold of the gear and sucks it in towards the bot. When a sensor detects the gear, the clamps close and raise the gear into an upright position, so it is ready to be placed on the peg. 

Fuel IntakeFiERRbox can intake fuel from the ground at a rapid rate. The balls are depositied into the hopper, which feeds into the duel shooters.

ShooterFiERRbox has dual shooters, angled inward to hit the same target. Each shooter achieves a rate of 5 balls per second.